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Like I said earlier, someone needs to teach you this business.  It will do you little good knowing who sells the best discount designer clothes and accessories without first knowing how to speak the language. More importantly, you need to learn from someone who knows… and is not just manufacturing information.

Once you pick up my book, you can…

 Use My Tips, Tricks, Techniques And Proven Strategies To Save A Bundle On Designer Clothes and Accessories…. 

Let’s Take A Quick Glance At The Arsenal Of Information I Reveal Exclusively Inside The Designer Wholesale Sources Book:

Who Else Wants To Learn How To Buy Top Designer Brands For As Much As 90% OFF The Retail Price And Start A Wildly Successful Resale Business By Buying Direct From Department Store Closeout Centers ! 

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Let me give you a quick example…


If you want the REAL and AUTHENTIC sources of where to find Wholesale Designer Clothes and not just some phony, outdated, over-compiled list of knockoff suppliers, then read this entire page NOW…

Dear Friend,

It makes no sense to me, no sense whatsoever.  I still to this day cannot believe that someone would be willing to pay $2,500 for a handbag that I can get for $400.  I can’t believe that someone would be willing to pay $900 for the same pair of shoes I get for $150.  For the same pair of designer sunglasses that I can get for 90% off all day long. Or a designer shirt retailing at $179 that I can get shortly after it goes on the rack for $29. Seriously. It blows me away how many people fall sucker to this retail racket!

I need to understand what is wrong with people to where they would overpay, ten fold, for the same items I can show you how to get for rock-bottom, wholesale, pennies-on-the-dollar type prices.   

Let Me Ask You This…

Designer Wholesale

Do you know how many billions of dollars are spent each year on over-priced fashion merchandise?  Our society is so caught-up on material things that you could be profiting everyday on other people’s insecure, self-absorbed, “hey look at me” lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to have nice things too, but I can wait a month or two to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on my purchases… And also feel a whole lot better knowing that I can buy many more items.

It took me a while to find a way to do this, but with my industry connections you can really save a boat load of money on all your favorite designer clothes and accessories. What I’m about to reveal is so powerful… its like being handed a treasure map to a million dollar treasure chest hidden in your backyard.  There’s so much money to be made, yet very few people are doing it… and even fewer are doing it right.  This little known niche market is about to be entirely yours for the taking.

 Start Off With An Immediate Advantage!

Basically, the way I see it, everyone who is trying to break into the Designer Wholesale industry has their noses stuck in cheap, worthless, ten dollar lists of companies who sell shirts and pants (straight off the Kohl’s and Walgreen’s closeout racks) for $5 to $10 per piece. 

I just want to tell these people… “Good Luck… the clothes were only $12 to $19 RETAIL… and that’s before they were put on the “Ugly Rack”.  Not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no market online or offline for the clothes found on those wholesale lists

I, personally have purchased almost every wholesale info product on the market… wholesale lists, databases, monthly subscription services, ebooks, ezines, you name it… I do this strictly to see where I stand with my competition, and to continuously improve the content and quality of my guide.

The type of information you will find when buying a cheap, over-sold list of wholesalers pales in comparison to the opportunity that I am offering.  You will become so consumed with digging through a list of thousands of companies that sell nothing more than Fruit-Of-The-Loom Tees, Discounted Socks, and low quality pleather jackets.  It’s like rummaging through the half-off rack at the Salvation Army!

Unless you’re trying to starve yourself in this industry…

 There’s A Few Things You Need To Know,
Right Now, About The Designer Wholesale Business…. 

First, if you want to make any money at all… You MUST sell the higher end designer merchandise.  You need to get your hands on the outrageously priced designer shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes, hats, etc…. because this is not just where the money is… this is where the market is.  People don’t care about saving 75% Off an Eddie Bauer shirt.  They care about saving 75% off a $350 Gucci shirt. More importantly, higher end items have a higher “spread”, meaning more room in the pricing for you to make a profit… since the “spread” is the difference between what it actually cost the designer to make the item, and what the original price tag reads. —- You need to make a handsome profit off of each piece you sell in order for it to be worth your time! 

Second, this is an industry, not just some fly-by-night business you jump right into knowing nothing more than what experience you’ve gained through the years from being a frequent, high-end department store shopper.  Seriously… it amazes me to see how many people believe they can jump into a business that I am so passionate about… with a tiny purchase of a $10 designer wholesale list. —- Someone needs to show you the way! 

Third, this is where I want to make something very, very clear… are you ready?  Okay… There aren’t thousands and thousands of designer fashion wholesalers.  SORRY! There just aren’t.  The high end department stores want to unload their closeout and returned merchandise in huge quantities to as few wholesalers a.k.a jobbers as they can.  —- You need to know EXACTLY who these dozen or so wholesalers/jobbers are, because if you don’t… you will spend all your time talking to “so-called” brokers (the people listed on the $10 lists) who sell overpriced “Lots” of merchandise that are comprised of mostly highly damaged, unmarketable goods.  Basically, you will lose your shirt working with these people.

Fourth,  the real wholesalers/jobbers DO NOT drop ship (meaning, they don’t package and ship the items to your customer for you).  If they claim to, this should be the first red-flag when determining a legitimate wholesaler.  Don’t worry, most of my jobbers in Designer Wholesale Sources have very low minimums (like 6 to 12 pieces)… but its just stating the obvious that no really good jobber wants to spend their time and energy wrapping, packaging, labeling, and sending out each individual piece they have.  The shipments come in, and they wholesale them off… as fast as they can.

 How My Information Is Completely Different From Anything Else You Have Ever Seen Or Read Before…. 

I made it a point when writing Designer Wholesale Sources, to set everyone straight on the truth about selling High End Fashion Clothing and Merchandise… and how to do it right.  My years of trial and error, the expenses I have incurred along the way, and the headache I have brought upon myself by struggling to make the right industry connections… Can now all be yours risk-free.

And to tell you the truth… I’m jealous of that.  If I would’ve had the same opportunity, years ago, to get all the information that is stock-piled in the Designer Wholesale Sources book from just one place and one person, I could have saved so much time and expense… that I probably would have my own nationally recognized Department Store today.

Seriously… “The Buck Truly Does Stop Here”.  You’ll get it all… the exact list of companies who get the merchandise directly off the overstock truck, the “low-down” on the fashion wholesale industry, what to say, where to go, where to sell, where not to sell, and everything else you’ll need to know from an industry expert who has seen it first hand.

And its all in ONE, Easy To Read, Easy To Understand Guide…

Here Is Exactly How I Am Going To Help You Buy Top Designer Brands At A Fraction Of The Retail Price… 

Brands such as:
Gucci, D & G, Dior, Fendi, Prada, Chanel, Seven, True Religion, Versace, Armani, and more…

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Let me give you an ACTUAL example of the quick profits I was able to generate using my highly-coveted industry connections listed exclusively in my book…

Gucci GG Handbag
My Cost: $299
Retail: $1,400
My Final Sale Price: $735
PROFIT: $436!

Story: I purchased 3 Authentic Gucci GG Handbags for $900 from one of my wholesalers in Designer Wholesale Sources. They were offering free delivery and no tax on the transaction.  I received the shipment 3 days later and began creating eBay auctions for each item. On this item, I received 47 bids and the auction closed at $735… yielding me a profit of $436.

Gucci GG Handbag
My Cost: $299
Retail: $1,300
My Final Sale Price: $666 (I know, spooky isn’t it)
PROFIT: $367!

Story: This bag was also part of the 3 for $900 order I placed with one of my wholesalers.  Each bag came with the original price tags, original dust bag, patch work, etc.  I listed this bag on eBay doing a 7 day auction.  I received 51 bids and sold the bag for $666 dollars. My profit was $367 on this item.

Gucci GG Handbag
My Cost: $299
Retail: $995
My Final Sale Price: $544
PROFIT: $244!

Story: The last bag was the cheaper one out of the 3.  It retailed at only $995, but the wholesaler made this bag a mandatory selection, with the freedom to choose any other 2 bags that I wanted. I listed this bag through a 7 day auction as well. I had 39 bidders and this handbag sold for $544. My total profit for all 3 handbags was $1,047… Not bad for 3 hours of work :)

Here Are Some More Examples Of The Deals You Can Find Using Designer Wholesale Sources!

You Can Also Save A FORTUNE On Authentic…

Wholesale Designer Handbags

As Well As Saving A FORTUNE On Authentic…

Wholesale Designer Shoes

We Also Have The Best Suppliers For Authentic…

Wholesale Designer Sunglasses

As Well As The Best Suppliers For Authentic…

Wholesale Designer Belts

Need Proof My Designer Sources Book Works?Read What Others Had To Say…


Click Here To Save 90% On Your Favorite Designer Brands!

How to buy and sell designer wholesale merchandise right from the comfort of your home. A complete listing of wholesalers we TRUST… as well as their contact information, website address, the brands they carry, their minimum investment requirement, and also a summary of what its like dealing with them. Learn how to find “insanely good” deals from stores right around the block from where you live. All the ins and outs of the designer clothing industry and the tips and techniques to be at the “top level” of the game right from the start. Discover the #1 Place to buying wholesale and making industry connections! Characteristics of a “legitimate” wholesaler and a “illegitimate” wholesaler… and why it’s in your best interest to deal STRICTLY with the ones we recommend to you. 3 proven steps to making the most out of each wholesale purchase. A blueprint of how to start a successful business being a designer clothing reseller. 3 dirty wholesaler tricks you must avoid when starting out as a rookie. How to avoid buying an overly damaged box of designer merchandise. Discover the secrets of hiring a “buyer” to do all the deal searching work for you. How to maximize your profit and get the most from every wholesale designer purchase. What you need to know about selling your merchandise on eBay.

I’m Here To Help You…

I want you to recognize, like I did, how much potential there is for you to capitalize on this.  It shouldn’t take much effort on my part to explain what is going on in the retail racket and how you can make money from it. And if you are simply not interested in making money selling fashion merchandise and using the profit to fund your own wardrobe… then by all means, just use my information to save a fortune on your future designer fashion purchases.

Stop Wasting Your Time, Energy, Sanity… And More Importantly —- MONEY!

Did you know there are over three thousand different companies claiming to be direct closeout centers that the top department stores use to unload all their overstock, off-price, clearance and returned merchandise?  How long do you think it would take you to skim through a list that large (comprised of 99.9% brokers)… to find the actual dozen or so real closeout centers listed in Designer Wholesale Sources?

Even worse, by the time you are done calling all three thousand of those companies listed on these cheap wholesale lists, you still will not have found the actual sources that the top department stores use to unleash their truck loads of overstock.

In reality, the real and actual closeout centers and wholesalers don’t have an overwhelming internet presence… and definitely don’t show up on the first 5 pages of Google. They don’t need to.  The REAL professionals in this industry know who they are, know what they carry, and know how to make great deals happen. Most do have a website, which they use to post certain merchandise, but they still rely on the phone for negotiating prices. 

What It Could Cost You If You Don’t Get
Designer Wholesale Sources Today!

By now, you’re probably wondering how much my book is going to cost you.  Well, let’s talk time and money.  How much did you spend on your last trip to the mall?  If you’re like me, before I came across my wholesalers, then you spent $80 on a pair of jeans… $70 on the shirt to match… and at least $90 on the shoes. 

Hmmm… That’s $240 on ONE OUTFIT.  What if I told you the same (or comparable) outfit would have cost you less than $40 if you would have just used my guide to contact any ONE of the wholesalers listed in there… That’s $200 I just saved you on one outfit.  Now take that number and multiply it by 5 outfits a month… Now my book just saved you $1,000 in ONE month.

You see where I’m going with this… whether you purchase my book to start a business in the fashion industry, or simply use it as a way of saving a tremendous amount of money on your own personal wardrobe… You can really benefit from this information either way you go about it.

I know this package will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in buying designer clothes and accessories at serious discounts… and I’m so confident that my guide will blow you away that I originally planned on charging over a hundred dollars for this incredibly low-key, and highly secretive information. But now…

You Can Legally Steal My Designer
 Wholesale Sources For Just $27!

Don’t worry it’s not a miss print… It’s going to cost just $27


Because I want to get you started saving and making money today… right this very moment! I know that once you purchase my book you will be just as excited as I was to make my first discount designer purchase and resell it for 6 to 7 times the price. Doing this over and over again. It’s that easy!

Also, I want to give you so much value and totally over deliver on this product… that if I ever release anything in the future you’ll trust me just like anyone who has already done business with me.

It’s like a long-term investment I have in you.  I don’t make nearly as much money as I should today, but the more successful you become in the future, the happier you will be to purchase new techniques and books from me.

There’s more…

Now I know you’re still thinking that maybe now is not the time to be risking $27 to give this venture a GO… I understand 100%. There’s so much garbage on the web at the moment that I have problems trusting people too.

That is why I’ve decided to take all the risk away from you and guarantee your success with my…

110% Satisfaction, Full 8 Week,
Better-Than-Risk-Free, Money-Back

My policy is simple.

I personally guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the material found in Designer Wholesale Sources and that you will agree that no other product on the market comes even slightly close to what I am offering.

And I am so convinced you will be happy… I’m willing to let you give my product and free bonuses a test drive for a full 8 weeks.  That’s right, you have 56 days to tear through the most sought after designer wholesale information on the internet.

And…If for any reason, you feel that my product has not lived up to its expectations…  I will refund your entire purchase - no questions asked. 

Let me repeat. If you are not 100% satisfied at any time within 8 weeks of your purchase… Let me know, and I’ll issue you a 100%, no-hassles refund immediately… right on the spot.  Plus the Free Bonuses are yours to keep… just for your trouble.

Now I’m the one taking all the risk… So please do not pass this opportunity up without at least giving it a fair try.

Order Today!

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and nearly everything to gain by downloading this incredible ebook today.

First off you’ll get a huge head start on everyone else as this book is brand new giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

The second reason to get it right now is that I’m throwing in over $200 worth of real bonuses that will help catapult you to the top of the game within your first week of getting started!

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Bonus #1 : “Discount Designer Handbags -
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Interested in making BIG Bucks in the Discount Designer Handbag market? Well then you need to get your hands on a copy of this book.

Inside, I will teach you everything  you need to know about Designer Handbags and Accessories.  You will learn how to make money in this market and be able to steal my industry connections.

You will also get an important lesson on authenticity and learn how to spot a fake.  You can take this information directly to the bank, because you will be one of the very few to know how to make money in this ultra niche industry.

Make money on eBay, Craigslist, private parties, your own website, or even storefront.

This offer is only available to the first 100 people to order Designer Wholesale Sources… so order right now!

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Bonus #2 : “Becoming A Fashion Broker -
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Start making profits right away by following the tricks and techniques in my Quick Start Guide.

I’m going to show you how and where to re-sell your merchandise from the first day of getting it.

Learn how to make Big Money by selling at Home Parties, Trade Shows, Mail Order, Internet, Kiosks, Wholesaling and Sub-Wholesaling.

This is not just another add-in bonus book to get you to buy Designer Wholesale Sources.  This is a true seller’s resource that if used properly, will add significantly to your bottom-line.

I came inches away from selling this book exclusively to wholesalers on its very own website.  But today, as part of my introductory offer, I am throwing in this bonus book at no additional cost.

 A $49.95 Value!

Bonus #3 : Unlimited Free Updates!

(Only for the first 100 people)

Be on the cutting edge of industry changes! We will note our system to include you in our VIP 100 Group if you order today, right this minute.  Our VIP group is given exclusive rights to updates in our program as soon as they become available.

Once you are locked out of this group… there will be no more entries.  Updates to our program will then cost you an additional $25 each year. Trust me! You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

A $100 value!

Convinced? Get it now!  Click here to get started right away!

Seriously… How much more could I offer you without giving my product away?  In the next few minutes you will be just one click away from potentially saving thousands on all your future designer clothing and handbag purchases.  I’m going to fill you in on the most highly kept insider secrets to buying designer wholesale merchandise at deeper-than-deep discounts.

Believe it or not, the exact information stored in this guide has taken me over 10 years to gather… and odds are… it will take you even longer if you don’t make a move right now.

I’m About To Give You The Most
Unfair Advantage
In The World

I’m going to show you how to contact the only legitimate and and real wholesalers in the industry… You’re going to know exactly how and where to sell each piece of designer apparel you get your hands on… and how to make SERIOUS PROFITS. Even more, you will be updated for life on any new companies that I find qualified as true and legit wholesalers that can offer you the BEST designer brands for pennies-on-the-dollar.

Friend, this is a no-brainer… REALLY!

But This Is Only For The First 100 People

To really get the full value out of my course you will need to make sure you are one of the first 100 people to order.  If you make it in time, you will get all 3 bonuses which are completely necessary for hitting every angle of the discount designer business. Orders are coming in extremely fast… I expect the 100 places for Designer Wholesale Sources to be gone within the next few days… if not sooner.

I’m giving you everything you need to make thousands of dollars every month and save tons of money on your favorite designer clothes and accessories.  I’m also taking all the risk and will even guarantee that you’re successful within 8 weeks or less… or I will refund you’re money back.

You Clearly Only Have 2 Choices…

1) Let me take the risk and grab yourself a copy of Designer Wholesale Sources along with all the bonuses and start making a full time income.


2) Leave this page now to only regret it forever. The bonuses won’t last, and I don’t plan on selling this information for long before I go back underground, quietly making thousands from my own wholesale purchases.

If you are even slightly serious about making money online and earning thousands of dollars every month… then you shouldn’t really need to think about your choice.

So if you “Want In” on these secret techniques and who the real Designer Wholesalers are, then just place your order below and you’ll get instant access within a few seconds of ordering.

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P.S.  A measly one-time-only investment will change the way you buy fashion merchandise forever.  Simply pick up the Designer Wholesale Sources book, call my contacts, start finding great deals, and start making money.  Like I said, you can either overpay up to 600% more than you should for your favorite brands… or start saving tons of money today… it’s your choice.  I think you’ll agree, this could possibly be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Crazy Aunt Purl

February 14, 2013

Cannot resist the urge to say HAPPY VD because I am both old and immature


1) There are people now much younger than me who do not have a context for which VD means “venereal disease” and believe instead that it means “Vampire Diaries.”

2) Apropos of nothing … thinking of botox.

3) I bought all the cupcakes at Ralph’s! ALL THE CUPCAKES. I bought all the cupcakes to give out to my beloved coworkers for Valentine’s Day. But if you were to posit if some blonde in Los Angeles sat in her car last night while parked in her garage and looked in the grocery bag for the fanciest of the fancy cupcakes and pulled it out of the container and ate said fancy chocolate cupcake for dinner while sitting in her car in her parking spot without even taking off her seatbelt all I am saying here is that you would not be terribly mistaken.

4) Suck it! Cupcake dinner!

5) I love Valentine’s Day. There, I said it. It is an entire day devoted to pink and chocolate and getting lucky AND/OR complaining about not getting lucky, all things which I appreciate. Plus I ate a cupcake for dinner in my car under the guise of office altruism.

That is all. Go forth and VD the hell out of this day.

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February 7, 2013

I like big hats and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny …

This was The Winter Of Many Hats. In Los Angeles, “winter” is more symbolic than actual. It’s a time of the year when other people have harsh weather and we pay tribute to them by wearing an indoor scarf and buying a new pair of Uggs.

A few weeks ago we had a bitter cold snap — one day it was an inhospitable 59℉! And then the city immediately experienced a mini-summer, which is also part of winter, with afternoon highs in the 80s. The mini-summer which happens every January is our native cue for mass exfoliation and a reminder that bathing suit season is two weeks away.

It’s the mornings that catch you off guard in this city. At night the temperature drops and by early morning it’s just above freezing. When I went for a walk this morning I wore my hand-knitted beanie in the arctic 42℉ morning air. So you can see that everyone needs a knitted hat, even in Los Angeles.

My love for hat knitting hasn’t waned a bit. Is there anything finer than a winter’s evening spent settling in with a glass of wine, a delicious yarn and a Tivo full of Scandal episodes? I think not. When Olivia Pope is on the move my attention is glued to the screen (her opera-length white gloves!!!) (which she wears to the hospital!) and even after years of knitting I can’t concentrate on a complicated knit pattern and watch TV at the same time. The simplicity of the knitted hat is just perfect.

Luckily my family is filled with brothers and uncles and cousins and nephews who live in far-flung places and love to wear my hand-knitted hats. I favor beanies and the standard 1x1 ribbed-brim cap in solids and dark washable yarns, but sometimes I go off the reservation and make wacky caps in stripy yarns.

For Christmas I made a pile of cozy hats:

Roll-brim, hipster slouchies, 1x1 brim and beanies oh my!

My current Noro fave: Noro Iro from my home yarn emporium (stash room).

So much help.

The very best part of the holiday was getting all the family text messages with selfies of the recipients wearing my hand-knitted hats:

Adorable Andrew and super-handsome Brett

Hipster Cool Eric

Beginning knitters often feel wary of the hat— the circular needles, the double-pointed bit at the end (or beginning, though I always knit my hats bottom up.) But basic hats are ridiculously easy and so fast you can make one a day.

Here are my recommendations for knitting a great hat:

1) Measure the noggin!
Measure your head or recipient’s head and subtract 1 inch or 1.5 inches — that’s about the perfect size for a hat. Example: Your head is 23.5 inches around the noggin, ergo you should make a hat that’s about 22” around. It isn’t a party at my house until someone is measuring their cranium.

2) You can knit a simple hat from ANY yarn.
Once you know how many inches to knit, you can use any yarn. Knit up a quick swatch of your chosen yarn on any size needle you like, measure the gauge. Multiple stitches per inch by the noggin measurement — that’s your cast on number. Example: If you get 4 stitches per inch and you want a 22” hat, cast on 88 stitches.

3) When in doubt…
When in doubt, always cast on less stitches than more stitches.

4) Decreasing isn’t hard.
Shaping a hat shape is so easy — just decrease stitches evenly across the final rounds. I wrote a whole manifesto on it. But don’t take decreasing too seriously. Here’s the best trick I know: Once you’ve figured out where and when to decrease, place a marker after every decrease. Now you know that you don’t have to count stitches or look for the telltale hump of a knit-two-together stitch. Just knit and when you see a marker, work the decrease on the two stitches in front of it.

5) Find a formula that works for you.
I tend to cast on hats using 88, 77, or 66 inches (depending on the yarn.) I like a 1x1 rib on the brim and I really love the easy decrease math of these numbers. If for some reason my hat needs different math, I will often decrease subtly to the nearest easy number (say, knitting down from 79 stitches to 77) and then place my markers and start my hat’s descent into smallness.Don’t be afraid to try new things on hats — they’re small and easy projects to experiment with.

6) Invest in a few great needles.
I LOVE the 16” Harmony wood circulars from Knitpicks. The needle portion is shorter than other brands, which works really well for hat knitting. Just find something that works for you. A good rule of thumb for a worsted weight hat is a size 7 16” circular plus a set of size 7 dpns.

And here are some things you may find useful when knitting a hat:

• The easy roll-brim hat pattern, the basis of all my hat recipes

Working with circular needles

• A little diatribe on decreasing stitches

• Great for chunky yarns: The Brangelina hat

• My regular ribbed-brim hat recipe

Hats are the best. I think I’ve gotten the hardcore hat phase out of my system (for now) and I’m onto wristies, so be sure to look forward to my scathing expose on the thumb gusset. Film footage at eleven!

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February 5, 2013

20 Minutes to Perfection

If you’ve seen a few episodes of Hoarders you already know that some of the poor souls on the program suffer from a very extreme form of perfectionism. I can’t walk through my house but I can’t get rid of anything because I just need the time to organize it PERFECTLY. Maybe I should buy another bookcase?

Not all perfectionists end up hoarders. Some of us end up re-grouting the tub every time we have company coming to stay. My brain tells me that I have company coming and I should vacuum, do a load of towels … and then maybe repaint the kitchen, install a chandelier and create a concept wall. SO IT IS PERFECT.

Not everything about perfectionism is bad. The desire to be more, do more, do it right, get it done just so motivates some of us in a way no exterior incentive can. But oftentimes perfectionism stands in the way of accomplishment. It tells us we can’t start a project until we have enough time to devote to it to get it done RIGHT. It keeps us from making little efforts, little changes, little dents here and there. It may keep some of us from having company because there is simply not enough time to repaint the whole house.

Perfectionism stirs up a lot of “Why bother? I’ll never be perfect at this. Why even try?”

So I have been thinking about how and why the 20 minute thing worked for me when all the flylady and “tackle one drawer a day” stuff never clicked. How long have I been telling you about my cleaning marathons and the deep desire I have to declutter so I can clean less? I was able to clean obsessively while I was at home hermiting but now I’m in the studio all day. I work 10, sometimes 12 hours a day on a project that I love, LOVE. But it leaves little time to do anything else perfectly (or at all, in some cases). I don’t have time, energy or desire to waste a precious free day getting it all exquisitely clean.

The 20-minutes-a-day thing is working because it comes at the issue from a whole new angle. Instead of being perfect at cleaning, I’m focusing my perfectionism on keeping up my 20-minutes a day commitment. It’s taking something that appears to be a fault (“crazypantsedness’) and turning into an asset (“striving toward a goal”).

This is how I am approaching all of 2013. If I have a roadblock or issue or hissyfit, I immediately stop pushing so hard on the problem and look for a new angle. Work the problem from a whole ‘nother place.

Life is short, but we all have 20 minutes for something.

Hello. This photo has nothing to do with the words! I’m on instagram pretty much all day every day and I love seeing your pictures too … you can find me at: and if you have the app let me know so I can follow you, too. I love to see your cats, dogs, kids, knitting, food and manicures! Some of you are amazing photographers. I mostly post cat pictures. SURPRISING, I KNOW.

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February 4, 2013


Things I love today:
• Almonds covered in dark chocolate
• People who smile and say good morning on early runs/walks
• iPhone 5 camera
• Fresh pack of multicolored sharpies
• Living in LA where it’s not weird to say you talked to an astrologer, psychic or similar and took his/her life advice

Things I loathe today:
• Dry skin
• The resurgence of the puffy vest
• People who hide behind cynicism instead of showing emotion
• Boots that don’t fit over my cheerleader calves
• Germs and the handshakes that spread them

- - -



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February 1, 2013

February (Triumph over Task List) (Completion) (Follow Through)

Hello, shortest, weirdest month of the year. How YOU doin’?

I’m not even going to talk about how it got to be this day so soon when I am still thinking about Christmas knitting.

My February goals are to continue January goals minus one that was unnecessary plus one task a day. At the beginning of the year I made a list of all lingering, current and upcoming life to-do items. It was a really long list. If this novel doesn’t work out I could stick a dedication page on the list and call it my War & Peace.

The list itself feels like accomplishment. If I don’t write tasks down I carry them in my head and create anxiety and forget my zipcode. But when the list is together I wonder how on earth will I ever get it all done!

Based on my revelation from January — massive accomplishment can come from devoting a small chunk of time daily to a project — I decided to make myself accountable for knocking off one item off each day in February. Some tasks are short but annoying (making an appointment, going to an appointment, getting the car serviced). Some are more involved (taxes, database management, unclusterfucking the website and email issues). The bigger tasks got highlighted in pink so I know to schedule those on a weekend or a day when I’m off work. There are eight weekend days in February and one holiday, so that gives me room for nine large tasks and 19 small or medium tasks.

Also based on what I learned in January, I can take a large task and break it out over several days and that’s fine, too. Though I would prefer to just get them done one per day.

I picked this goal for February since it’s the shortest month. Obvs.

The overall goal is to enter into March and springtime with less junk on my to-do list and with more sense of accomplishment and butt-kicking in my own life.

Feel free to download my monthly goal-tracker and use one yourself:

Monthly goal tracker PDF (letter size)

Monthly goal tracker PDF (legal size)

While I am dismayed that They (The U.S. Department of They) were right about time flying by as you get older, I am happy that January was a month where each day was not completely lost in a blur and I have a sheet of star stickers to remind myself of that.

Are you doing goals this month? If so, what’s on your list?

Gold star for Bob — Cat Who Keeps Laundry Warm!

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January 31, 2013

January is over? Really? (monthly wrap-up)

Weren’t we just here talking about new years and resolutions and foil star stickers and stuff?

At the beginning of January I launched into my yearlong science experiment to find out if small daily changes can have the same impact in life that I get from Grand Gestures. Grand Gestures are my thing, people — move out west! go to Paris tonight! quit my job! start an empire! I’ve always been a fan of the Herculean effort. If I’m going to do something I’m going to focus all my time and energy and money on that one thing and march like Sherman to the sea until I’m done (but usually at the last minute, or unexpectedly, or on a whim).

The advantage of this personality predilection is that I have a very interesting life. The downside is that no one can march all the way to the sea and back every day. When I’m in I’m all in, but when I’m out my life is on pause. In 2013, I want to try something different and use each day as a miniature goal farm and see if at the end of the year it grows something good.

My tasks for January were fairly simple. In addition to my daily schedule I created a set of specific daily goals for the month and I scored them using the high-tech “foil star sticker on paper” method. The overall theme of the month was raising my energy.

I’m happy to report it was a banner month in the star sticker department!


Did I get a star every day for every task? Nope. Did I end up abandoning one task altogether mid-month? Yup. Did I fail completely at writing on this here website every day? Indeed. Still, the month was a success because each star represents 100% more accomplishment on these specific tasks than none at all.

That was the whole purpose of my January goals — to get into the habit of doing a few things regularly. It’s no Grand Gesture, but the cumulative impact in the areas I stuck with was clear. Most unexpectedly, I had a huge eye-opener in January. I suddenly realized how much I can accomplish by working toward one task for 20 minutes each day consistently. Twenty minutes, that’s it. I never really thought that such a small effort could have almost immediately big results.

The place it showed up for me was at home. I love to have a clean, orderly home but in my world housecleaning a large task that is to be accomplished once a week with vigorous intensity. Maybe it’s a holdover from my weird childhood or something. Every Saturday or Sunday morning you could find me burning hours a day just cleaning, vacuuming, tidying, dusting and doing laundry. My definition of clean may not be the same as yours and I can be rather over-attentive in this area, but even I hate burning a whole precious weekend day on cloroxing.

The end result of my clean-crazy has not been entirely pleasing: the day is gone, I’m exhausted, and the weekend is half over. But it fits with my personality, I guess, pulling out the Grand Gesture of Cleanliness once a week like it or not.

In January I committed to doing 20 minutes a day of focused tidying up or decluttering (in addition to my normal daily stuff like dishes and making the bed.) By the second Saturday of January my weekend housecleaning time was cut in HALF. By mid-January I saw fewer piles of mail or books or shoes or, well, anything. Everything was in its place. Last weekend the house appeared to be keeping itself clean. How was this possible in just 20 minutes a day?

I’ll tell you how: Over the course of January I devoted an additional unbroken 20-minute block to my home upkeep, totaling 10.3333 hours for the month. If a task couldn’t be completed in the 20-minute timeframe, I did something completely unheard of for me — I started the task anyway and just finished the next day (!!!!) The difference has been ASTONISHING.

This one simple truth has changed my life.

From now on I’m going to apply this strategy to all sorts of projects. By the time I am 60 I might play the guitar or speak fluent French or get all my music organized on my hard drive or knit a sweater. I may actually rule the world. Consider yourself warned.

When you come from the land of Grand Gestures the idea of a small gesture doesn’t seem very appealing. It’s kind of boring. It doesn’t seem worth the effort. ("Why bother with just twenty minutes? I can’t get it all done. It will take me at least an hour, a day, a weekend. I’ll do it some other time." Sound familiar?)

This past month has been proof to me that one small effort repeated consistently can have truly transformative results.

January was a definite success.


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January 23, 2013



It’s true — there is nothing certain. This makes me crazy and also reassures me. When something is comfortable or going well there is no guarantee it will last and that is crazy-making. When things are weird and not-quite-right, there is also no guarantee it will stay that way — a wonderful thing.

Forget therapy! I get my wisdom at the dry cleaner’s.

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